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   // P O R S C H E  R S R  G R 4 //




      H I S T O R Y


    - 1975 prepared to 3L RSR GR 4 by "Garage LENOIR", Paris

    - 1976 Aimé DIRAND registered 6111 JW 70 

         used in différents Rallys, sponsor "CHRISTINE LAURE" yellow color

    -1978 Sold to Francis Roussely "sonauto" registered 1545 SY 54

        modified by "MEZNARIE" in SC GR4. used in differents rally and

        second place In GR4 in TOUR AUTO 1983

    - 1983 modified in 3L RS GR 3

         used in many rally 1983 / 1984 /1985

    - 1993 passeport FFSA 019483

    - 1994 modified to 2.5 L group F specification

    - 1995 vendue a alain ELSNERr, Nancy still registered 1545 SY 54

        Put back to 3L engine and RSR bodywork

    - 1997 vendu a Patrick QUERSIN, registration 300 BZZ 95

    - 2004 Sold to curent owner registration 4808 XE 02

    - 2018 Classic Racing Car buys the car and strarts a full restoration 

               to it's first 3L RSR specifications.


    In 1970’s was the golden Age for gentlemen drivers to prepare their cars and go racing agains other gentlemen drivers and also official factory Cars. At this Time a fast gentlemen with a nicely prepared car could be competing with the factory cars. This events were also a good place for the factory’s to find new talented drivers to dirve for them. Names such as Francis Roussely, Gérard Larousse, Jean Ragotti appered in various french rally before starting their profesional driver life.

    Cars were most of them road cars transformed to go racing, many cars preparers were building cars for racing, some of them were verry succesfull as Raymond Touroul, Jean louis Meznarie, and many others the goal was to beat the factory … each time the ruls were changing everyone was putting the cars up to date to correspond to the new regulation.

  • T H E C A R

    This particular châssis 911 410 3623 has been delivered 15/07/1974 as a road car 2.7 CARRERA. A few months later in early 75 the car is transformed by Garage Lenoir in paris as a 3L RSR to compete in various hill climb and races in France, the car was sold to Aimé Dirand registered 6111 JW 70 who compited in many races with CHRISTINE LAURE sponsorship. The racing carrer of aimé dirand was allready good, he used the RSR in 1976 and 1977,and had a few victory’s, in 1978 he had a hard SKI accident wich put his racing career by side. The car was then the sold to Francis Roussely registered 1545 SY 54 he gave the préparation of the car to the well known Louis Meznarie. To match the new regulation of 1978. Meznarie upgraded the car to 3L SC GR4 , the car did may rally in with roussely at the time, it also went in tour auto in 1983 with a very nice 3 place with roussely as a driver and Fallot as a co-driver. In late 83 the car was transformed to 3L RS specification still with francis roussely still registered 1545 SY 54. The car raced with roussely in 83 84 85, in 1993 the car is sisued with a FFSA passeport n°019483.

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