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PORSCHE 993 GT2  530 RST


-993 GT2 530 RST-


    -993 GT2 530 RST-



    Racing has always been the best to experiment , test, and approve new technologie for road cars.


    The record of motorsport success for ROOCK is truly impressive. The raing team from Leverkusen did score more than 40 victories and five championship titles, including the FIA GT2 World Championship in 1996. The class wins at the famous „24 hours of Le Mans“ (1996) and the „24 hours of Daytona“ (1997 and 1999) are without a doubt among the absoute highlights of the company’s history. The list of drivers who started for ROOCK Racing reads like a “who is who” of international motorsport. It includes no less than twelve Grand Prix pilots, amongst them for example Allan McNish, Pedro Lamy, Jochen Maas and Karl Wendlinge.


    IN 1990’S one of the Roock Racing drivers thought it was sad to go home after racing in a normal road car, he than asked rook racing to make him a road legal RACING CAR. Here is the Birth of This 993 GT2 530RST




    530 stands for 530 horse power, compare to the 450 Hp for a standard GT2


    The car benefits of all improvements a 993 GT2 could have, there is not a single detail that Roock racing did not put in this car. And it feels when you drive it. A car with this amount of power can drive in town, cruise on the high way and will give you fantastic senations in the small roads across the country side.


    Attention to details make the GT2 530 RST the most performant and drivable 1990’s super car.



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