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2001 Marcos GT3 Works car – 

As many manufacturers of the period, the name Marcos evolved out of the names of its 2 founders.
Jem Marsh and Frank Costin. Founded in 1956, the pair built sports cars for themselves and whoever was interested in purchasing them. Due to the personal nature of their endeavor the initial product was quite an odd creation. 

Built almost entirely out of plywood due to Frank Costin’s background in fighter plane engineering, and with a very high roof due to Jem Marsh’s height; The car, while peculiar looking proved very successful. 

Jem Marsh remained in control of the company until 1999, when after a period of financial difficulty a cooperation of Dutch investors purchased the stricken manufacturer and split up the company into 2 halves: A racing division stationed in the Netherlands, and the road car division out of Canada. 

The cars built by these new owners respected the heritage of Marcos albeit with significant technical updates and continued to follow the design language first introduced by the 1964 Marcos GT 1800.

The car presented here is a car built and run by this Dutch racing arm, Eurotech. This GT3 version of the Marcos Mantis raced highly competitively in Belcar from 2002 until 2005 and took part in three occasions of the Zolder 24h Comfortably beating other GT3 cars of the era, such as the 996 Porsches. This version of the Mantis was 1 of 5 built from the ground up as a GT3 spec car, with significant improvements over the more common Mantis Challenge cars. 

Featuring a fully built 5L version of the Ford Modular DOHC engine producing around 500HP, up-rated Brembo brakes, a Hollinger sequential gearbox, fully adjustable suspension and a number of redundant systems for Endurance racing. The car is also built to provide ease of maintenance and low running costs. 

The car is available with an extensive spares package including spare bodywork.

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