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Lola a été créée en 1958 par l'ingénieur Eric Broadley.

 Since that date and despite some financial difficulties, the brand has continued to offer racing boxes in almost all disciplines where it is possible to race; ChampCar, Rallye, Proto, Indy, CART, CanAm, F3000, A1 GP, Formula Nippon up to F1, the factories of Huntingdon have never stopped assembling chassis and bodywork with the objectives of performance, efficiency and victory.

Quickly recognized in its specialty, Lola has also served as a technical base for many manufacturers and private teams with, among others, Nissan, MG, Mazda, Honda, BMW, Haas, Larousse, Scuderia Italia, Dome, Mitsubishi... and the list goes on. still long.

The brand built a reputation right from the start with small, light chassis equipped with blocks in the central front position. In 1962, Broadley was to be talked about by developing 3 copies of the GT Mk6, a frail and light prototype which received a Ford 289ci V8 at its center... And precisely, at the same time, the American manufacturer was looking for a base to go pulverize the Ferraris at Le Mans. The GT Mk6 project will then be bought by Detroit via a partnership with Lola and end up becoming the legendary GT40 in 1964…!

In 66 the MKII comes into play… in tray mode. At the wheel, John Surtees won 3 of the 6 CanAm championship races and the Lola took the title. In 67, it was the turn of the MKIII… it found a roof but was unable to repeat its feat. In 1968, the regulations changed, the displacements were limited to 3.0l except for cars produced in fewer than 50 copies which could exceptionally remain up to 5.0l of displacement. The following year, this rule drops to 25 models... and the monsters of the categories begin to land, Porsche 917, Ferrari 512... pushing the Lola T70 into retirement.


our Lola t70 is a mighty competitor for historic racing, it was competitively raced from 2015 to 2018 with a gentlemen driver scoring good results in the CER grid. The car is now ready to race again and will be delivered with spare set of wheels and running components. 

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