FORD GT1 003

in association with our friend MARK DONALDSON 


Matech Ford GT GT1 chassis #003 is considered to be a front-runner in its class for the race series’ it is eligible for. From our initial investigations we also consider that in comparison to other potential GT1 options the Matech Ford is likely to serve as a surprisingly cost-effective entrant. Without doubt it is one of the most aggressively attractive GT1 cars of its period and an important part of Ford’s rich racing history, in particular it’s contribution to that of the whole GT40 legacy and Le Mans 24 Hour association. Open to any inspection, we are extremely proud to bring this brute to market.


 FR +33 760 364 767

 BR +55 967 655 263

2020 mention légales sur demandes / conditions générales de ventes / TVA FR 60 822 558 755